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Past Life Regression


Past Life Therapy is a gentle form of hypnosis which will take you back in time. I work using the principles taught by Andy Tomlinson, Brian Weiss and Michael Newton. Fears, phobias, unexplained physical pain are often residual memories that can be cleared with past life therapy.

It is more than just a journey into the past, it will take you to a past life, through the transformation stage, into the spirit realms where you will be able to heal and resolve issues, see and learn the reasons for your issues and ultimately have a life review with your guides and elders. This therapy can heal at the deepest level of your soul. It can help to heal relationship problems and much, much more.

This can be a wonderful life changing therapy, so whether you have issues in this life or are simply curious to find out who you were in previous lives and with whom you may have shared previous lives, please call me to discuss how this amazing therapy can help heal your life.