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Having spent the last 25 years of my career in International Sales, with the usual business lunches and dinners, I found that on retirement I was in fact dependent on alcohol. If I did not visit the put at lunchtime I opened one or two bottles of wine, in the end starting when I got up in the morning and continuing until I went to bed.

My friends and my wife and children became embarrased by my behaviour. I went for counselling, attended AA and took anti-alcohol drugs but always managed to find a way back to alcohol.

I was given Suzanne's name by a friend and I have to confess I had strong reservations about hypnotherapy. However, Suzanne quickly put me at ease and after only 5 session I have no interest in alcohol, do not mind serving it to others over dinner and find that I can enjoy a dinner or party with a soft-drink in my hand.

My children and my friends now welcome my company but for me the best words I heard were from my wife at her 60th birthday "I am delighted to welcome back the man I married".

I will forever be in Suzanne's debt and I recommend her expertise to any one.

John, Kent client

I had just one small glass of wine - not wanting or needing more. You helped me to see things more clearly... worth every penny. Kent client

Today marks the day of six weeks drink free. I made it through the festive season without a hitch and am feeling the sense of freedom. Thank you and best regards. M., Kent client

I shall never be able to thank you for all you have given me, you are a very very special person. Kent client


I was looking forward to the session beforehand and felt that doing the hypnotherapy would be a positive step to get my life back on track.

But the range of emotions and visions I experienced during the hour was very unexpected and something that has really hit home.

I felt very positive and uplifted even a little confused and surprised after the hour, the feeling of strength and power to overcome the addiction and wiliness of getting my life back on track and being the man I know I can be has never felt stronger.

I woke up today and for once the thought of betting wasn’t there. I felt alive again something which I guess I was lacking in the past. This morning has been great and I know it’s very early days but this really feels different something has changed internally something is now aligned I feel a mental toughness to totally reject the door on the left and to slide the door on the right effortlessly open and jump through. Yes there will be tough days but the tools I now have and the thought of loved ones still with me is stronger than ever and something I will always take with me and not take for granted.

Thank you so much for yesterday it has really touched me in ways I didn’t even know possible.


Thanks for all your help. My problem is a shadow of what it was before and I can now begin to make a new start with a different outlook on life. The CD's are a big help to relax in general and those, combined with the tapping technique you taught me, are a great tool to help me through any tough times. To be honest the biggest help for me was just to be able to talk to someone so non-judgemental and warming.
Thanks again. S., Kent client

Weight Loss

Weight loss since I first visited you is 2st 8.5lb. Confidence has grown so much I quit my job that I have been unhappy in for a while and start my new job after I come back from 2 weeks holiday in Cyprus. I feel so happy and motivated. Kent client

The first time I met Suzanne I found she was the sort of person you can just talk and talk to with no worries. I found she has the art of just letting you talk and then helping you make sense of it all. I first met Suzanne in August 2008 and with her help, six months later I have lost over 5 stone and ten inches and feel like a new person. But itís not just the weight Suzanne has helped with, but all the underlying problems that made eating feel such a good idler, they are just in the past, no more raiding the fridge, just getting on with my new life. Thanks Suzanne for all your help. Philip, Kent client

"I would like to thank you for all your help. I feel so different about myself and so positive about life in general. I have also lost 6lb in weight which is about 1lb a week since I last saw you, so it looks like it's "slowly but surely". Thank You!" Ellen, Kent client


Stopping Smoking

I decided early 2007 I wanted to give up smoking, I was smoking between 20 Ė 40 cigarettes a day. I had tried almost everything ( chewing gum, plastic cigarettes, will power) But to no avail. So after a colleague had been to see Suzanne and gave up straight away, I thought I would give it a go. I can honestly say I still test it now, some three years on. I actually feel like Iíve never been a smoker (Although I was for almost 20 years), not the feeling you get when you just go cold turkey and give up on your own, I also know how that felt too, I just couldnít stop thinking about smoking. This way, Suzanneís way, I never think about lighting up. EVERÖÖ From the time I left her house never have I thought of lighting up. Itís the best feeling in the world. I have friends that still try and give up on their own, and keep falling off the wagon, but they wonít go to Suzanne because they really donít want to give up the habit. Yet. I have no doubt that when they do decide that they really do want to stop, Suzanne will be their first and only stop. Iím living proof that anyone can give up, if they really want to. Chris, Kent client

Bed Wetting

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all you have done for us. I must admit that I was sceptical that you could help when conventional medicine couldn't, but I am grateful to be proved wrong and can report that in the last 3 weeks there have only been 2 wet nights, compared to 15 in the previous 3 weeks! We cannot thank you enough and wish we had come sooner!" Helen, Kent client

Anxiety, Depression and OCD

Amazing feeling of empowerment. Thank you so much for how much you have changed my outlook on everything for the better.

London client

I just wanted to message to say thank you for everything you helped me with this summer. You’ve really helped me to change my mind set and look at things more positively and from a different perspective. I’m in a lot better place now and am looking forward to 2018, so thank you very much.

I am really enjoying my 'garden' and haven't needed sleeping tablets since Saturday! (I've had to use then for at least 10 years).
I am alert and haven't stuttered very much.
Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for all your help and support. With it all you have given me such a gift that money cannot buy (although it did), but it's value has far exceeded my expectation. You have not only provided me with a pathway through my depression, but a pathway to remembering the best part of who I am and the potential of what I can still be despite life's challenges. It is like opening my eyes for the first time and being able to analyse not just my psyche but my soul in a way I never thought was possible. Given my path to counselling has been ongoing since my teenage years, it has taken me to this point to actually resolve me and I feel I have finally achieved that breakthrough. Whilst I know this is an ongoing process, the doorway is now wide open, and I am equipped with my tools, to move forward with joy and peace and confidence, that has no expectation of the end, just excitement of the journey ahead.

I wish that everyone who has had depression do this, and even if you think you know yourself right now, it will open a facet to you that you have yet to see about yourself and boy is it worth seeing !!! Kent client

"It's been nearly a year since I came to see you and I'm thrilled to say I'm in a much better place in my life now. I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me, you are truly amazing and you gave me the confidence I needed to make all of my dreams happen". Kent client

"The help that Suzanne has provided me has been eye opening. She has a full armoury of techniques to help you transform yourself into a happier, better and more successful version of you. I can't thank her enough for the help she has given me. The modest fees I have paid for her help have been the single best investment of money I have made this year". Kent client

"I felt uplifted from my hypnotherapy experience. Without realising, previous events were impacting on my every day thoughts. I gained a sense of relief and exhilaration and have felt much calmer and at ease. My outlook to the initial issue has changed and am now a much happier person. I would recommend hypnotherapy and Suzanne to anyone". Jackie, Kent client

"The Hypnotherapy and NLP that I covered with Suzanne were so positive and transformative, that I am now looking into learning the techniques myself." Liz, Kent client

"I have stopped the tapping (OCD) and I'm feeling ok about it. Eating is still ok as well. Overall I am in a better place at the moment so thank you so much for that!" Tunbridge Wells client

"He is doing very well. He is so much happier and more relaxed about things. You have made such a differnce to our life together." Maidstone client


Fears and Phobias

"Sue, I was really nervous at the airport but I've done it!! Thanks to you!!" Donna, Kent client


"I have always been very suspicious of “alternative therapies”. The help that Suzanne has provided me has been eye opening and has completely changed my view. She has a full armoury of techniques to help you transform yourself into a happier, better and more successful version of you. I can't thank her enough for the help she has given me. The modest fees I have paid for her help have been the single best investment of money I have made this year.”
Kent client

I have been going to Suzanne Coldwell for some time now and she has helped me considerably. I feel that my well being has improved immensely and I have regained my confidence. I was having some trouble with my hearing so she tried something called E.F.T and after a month my hearing improved and the noises in my ears stopped. I am so grateful to Suzanne for all the help she has given me and also her kindness. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help like I did. She is a truly compassionate person. John Sayer

Today is exactly one month since I last took any nausea medication. This is double the amount of time I had ever managed in the two years prior to meeting you. I still feel like I've got a long way to go, but what a gigantic step in the right direction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope you are feeling equally fantastic. Bridget, Kent client

"During the five years that I have known Suzanne I have been lucky enough to have personally and professionally benefited from her unique and special support strategies. During the most challenging phase of my professional career, Suzanne provided the most substantive, insightful and holistic support to help me through. I have personally experienced coaching, counselling, reiki and hypnosis in Suzanne's safe hands and I am happy to confirm that it has helped me to face and overcome transformational life changes. As a result, my life has been enriched and I would not hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone." Herts. client

"The hypnotherapy treatments you have given us have had amazing results, of which we are both grateful." It is so easy to let time pass by without acknowledging our thanks, so here is a big THANK YOU!!! Tony and Jean, Kent clients