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Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP)

In life we all face challenges which seem difficult to deal with. Such challenges can range from personal/social relationships to business/sports performance. If we could put them into true perspective they would not cause us concern.

I will help you look at a situation from different perspectives, altering your approach to it accordingly, which can radically enhance relationships and performance.

Also quantum biologists have recently verified the mind/body link something may be, we all know intuitively. Therefore, every single cell in our body is affected by the thoughts we have.

Until a few years ago, this concept of a mind/body link was laughed out of medical conferences. The idea that our emotions could make us sick or aid in the healing process seemed ludicrous. However, gradually evidence has started to build up. Phil Evans, Professor of Psychology at the University of Westminster said Ďthere are definitely links between our emotions and the function of different parts of the body. Itís therefore plausible that there are also widespread links to the dysfunction of the bodyí.

Emotions donít just happen in your head, they set off a chain of reactions throughout your entire body. Negative thinking produces a climate in which health problems can develop, by releasing a stress chemical in the blood, which inhibits the work of the immune system. A positive feeling, leading you to be optimistic, provides a climate in which good health can be attained and maintained. Positive thinking is being in harmony with yourself, people and things around you.

Using different techniques I can help you shake off limiting beliefs about yourself, clear phobias, change negative thinking into positive thinking and get to the root cause of dis-ease, making profound changes at the unconscious level.