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“Hypnohealing” came about as a result of personal and original research by Bill Atkinson-Ball in 1960. This was following multiple injuries which he sustained in the RAF, fractures to his spine, legs and feet. Subsequently he developed osteo-arthritis of the spine. The best medical treatment in RAF hospitals brought about no improvement, so he decided to use the only alternative he knew – self-hypnosis. After just a few weeks he was free of the pain, and never suffered from arthritis again, being healthy and active up until his death in 1992.

Over the years Bill honed the technique into a complete system of using direct and dynamic methods to galvanise the client’s subconscious mind to alter the physical processes within the body.

Research has shown over and over again that physical problems often stem from the inner mind’s belief structure. Illness can provide benefits, such as protection or attention and it can even be manifested through self-punishment. Nowadays doctors are recognising that any form of illness is not just a physical process, but also a mental and emotional one.

Hypnohealing works on the basis that mind and body heal themselves. For instance, with a broken arm, the doctor places it in plaster to hold the bones in the correct position, but it is the subconscious mind which ensures that the correct healing procedures take place – new cells form, grow and merge together. Because this self-healing stems from the subconscious mind it is easy to see that hypnotherapy has a head start, because we have direct communication with the subconscious mind and can persuade it to concentrate extra healing effort on the area concerned.

It is a scientific fact that there is no cell in your body which is more than 9 months old. The skin renews itself completely every month. The lining of the stomach renews itself every 3 days and an entirely new stomach about every 3 months. The cells in the liver renew themselves every 6 weeks. So, it is obvious that the human body is changing all the time.

Through therapeutic work with clients, we have found that time and time again the onset of any illness was brought about through a trauma of some sort, either physical or emotional.

To look at the physical first – after an injury, a person tends to hold the injured part safe, protecting it from further harm. This protective device continues, long after that part is fully healed. However, this process is reversible. Once the healing process has been started through hypnosis, the client is taught self-hypnosis to help heal the physical problems, to recondition their subconscious mind to create the expectation that they are entitled to enjoy good health, and to direct the healing process to positively change bodily functions.

In the case of emotional trauma, it usually proves that the original secondary gain no longer applies, and, once the subconscious mind has accepted that, then the process works beautifully, quickly and effectively.

If you have a problematic health condition then there is a reason why. Your body will simply keep creating the same problem until the reason for the condition is resolved. By resolving the underlying reasons why your problem has existed up until now, your problem simply has no alternative but to disappear for good. It just makes sense.